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EELF Conference 2024 | Registration open!

Sustainable Energy: Still United in Diversity? Integrating energy, climate and environmental law in times of geopolitical instability

28-30 August, Groningen, The Netherlands

The 11th EELF Conference will be hosted by the Groningen Centre of Energy Law and Sustainability (GCELS),  Groningen University. The conference looks at legal developments towards sustainable energy in Europe, which was also the focus of the 1st EELF Conference in Groningen back in 2013. This includes manifold legal aspects of energy production, infrastructure, consumption and efficiency as well as intersections with nature conservation, water management, circular economy, product design and other relevant fields of regualtion.

Please find the further information and the registration form here.

Comming up: 3rd International Online Workshop for Environmental Law PhD Students

Friday 26th April 2024

This year, again, EELF co-organizes the International Online Workshop for Environmental Law PhD Students. It provides an opportunity for PhD students and doctoral candidates to present the concepts of their dissertations and discuss them with their peers and an international circle of environmental law professors and senior academics.  The call is closed, presenters are selected.

Please find further information here.

EELF Conference 2023 | Thank you!

Environmental Law in Transformation - Legal Implementation and impacts of the European Green Deal

30th August - 1st September 2023 in Leipzig, Germany

The 10th - anniversiary - EELF Conference was hosted by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Leipzig, and the Legal Faculty of the University of Leipzig. Many thanks to all speakers, participants, organizers and helping hands for making this conference such a great experience!



Environmental Law for Transition to Sustainability

Edited by Marlon Boeve, Sanne Ackerboom, Chris Backes and Marleen von Rijswick

This book presents inspiring ideas about how law can support the fundamental transition processes to a sustainable future and how it can provide guidance on the pathways to sustainability.

Intersentia, 327 pp., ISBN 978-1-78068-929-6

Please find further information here.



Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Edited by Helle Tegner Anker and Birgitte Egelund Olson
Intersentia, 2018, 257 p., ISBN 978-1-78068-759-9
The book can be viewed and downloaded here


EELF contribution to 2022 ICLG Environment & Climate Change Law

EELF board members Jerzy Jendroska, Moritz Reese and Lorenzo Squintani were, again, invited to provide a complementary contribution on behalf of the EELF to the International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG) on Environmental & Climate Change Laws and Regulations. This year's EELF contribution deals with

"The European Green Deal - New Horizons in Enviornmental Policy and Regulation"

The ICLG features general chapters as well as country reports from 26 jurisdictions on common issues in environment and climate change law. All contributions are available open access here.


Environmental Loss and Damage in a Comparative Law Perspective

Edited by Barbara Pozzo and 
Valentina Jacometti

Intersentia, 2021, 536 pp., ISBN 9781839700262

For more information please click here.

Open Access|4th EELF BOOK


Procedural Environmental Rights

Edited by Jerzy Jendroska & Magdalena Bar
Intersentia, 2018, 502 p., ISBN 9781780686103 
The book can be viewed and downloaded here.

Open Access|3rd EELF BOOK


The Effectiveness of Environmental Law

Edited by Sandrine Maljean-Dubois
Intersentia, 2017, 348 p., ISBN 978-1-78068-467-3
The book can be viewed and downloaded here.

Open Access|2nd EELF BOOK

EU Environmental and Planning Law Aspects 
Large-Scale Projects

Edited by Bernard Vanheusden & Lorenzo Suintani
Intersentia, 2016, 348 p., ISBN 978178068381
The book can be viewed and downloaded here.


Sustainable Energy United in Diversity: Challenges and Approaches in Energy Transition in the EU
Edited by L. Squintani and H.H.B. Vedder with M. Reese and B. Vanheusden.
Download the first volume of our open source, peer-reviewed publication series  here.
EELF 2015

Video | 2015 EELF Conference

The 2015 EELF Conference, hosted by Centre d'Edtudes et de Recherches Internationales et Communautaires (CERIC) in Aix-en-Provence, provided a fruitful platform for scholars, practitioners and decision makers to discuss the effectiveness of environmental law.
Watch the Conference video now...


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