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8th EELF Annual Conference 2021 ONLINE - Call reopened!

In view of the risks and uncertainties related to COVID 19 the Organizers and EELF board have decided to organize the postponed 8th EELF Annual Conference in 2021 as an online event. The call for abstracts is reopened untill 31 May and can be viewed here. Previously submitted abstracts will be automatically considered for the 2021 event. Presenters will be asked to submit a 15 min recorded presentation. For registration and further questions please proceed to the conference website or aks us at EELF2020@bournemouth.ac.uk.

We will we do our best to make this a fruitful and exciting event despite the awkward circumstances and we are very much looking forward to meeting you online in September!


6th EELF Book published

Environmental Loss and Damage in a Comparative Law Perspective

Edited by Barbara Pozzo and 
Valentina Jacometti

Intersentia, 536 pp., ISBN 9781839700262

This book analyzes the legal issues arising from and relating to environmental loss and damage. It does so from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective, examining both public and private law aspects. It takes into consideration specific legal issues concerning liability, compensation and restoration of damage in different sectors and jurisdictions.

With contributions by Mariusz Baran ( Jagiellonian University), Letizia Casertano (University of Insubria), Marta Cenini (University of Insubria), Yu Cheng (China University of Political Science and Law), Nadia Coggiola (University of Turin), Merve Demir (Bournemouth University), Robert Esser (University of Passau), Stefano Fanetti (University of Insubria), Joris Gazendam (University of Groningen), Carlo Vittorio Giabardo (University of Girona), Tilak Ginige (Bournemouth University), Carola Glinski (University of Copenhagen), Iain Green (Bournemouth University), Theodoros Iliopoulos (Hasselt University), Valentina Jacometti (University of Insubria), Nikolay Kichigin (Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law, Russia), Alena Kodolova (Russian Academy of Science), Ludwig Krämer (Madrid, Spain), Emanuele La Rosa (“Mediterranea” University of Reggio Calabria), Francesco Martines (University of Messina), Carlo Masieri (University of Milan), Khazar Masoumi (Anhembi Morumbi University), Anna Teresa Memola (University of Milan), Alberto Monti (University School for Advanced Studies Pavia), Susanna Paleari (National Research Council, Italy), Chiara Perini (University of Insubria), Barbara Pozzo (University of Insubria), Bartosz Rakoczy (Nicolaus Copernicus University), Wenhong Ren (Beihang University), Miriam Ruiz Arias (University of Salamanca), Hendrik Schoukens (Ghent University), Laura Stănilă (West University Timişoara), Sergiu Stănilă (West University Timişoara), Topi Turunen (University of Eastern Finland), Patrick Van Calster (Bournemouth University), Anna Vanhellemont (Hasselt University), Geert Van Hoorick (Ghent University) and Congwen Yao (Wuhan University)

Please find further information here.


7th EELF Annual Conference | THANK YOU!

Environmental Law for Transitions to Sustainability - Circular economy, climate change, water resource management and sustainable biodiversity

28-30 August 2019, Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law (UCWOSL), Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

We cordially thank all organizers and participants for making this conference such a great experience! Please find a short summary of the highlights and more pictures on the conference website. The presentations will also be available on this website, soon.



Procedural Environmental Rights

Edited by Jerzy Jendroska & Magdalena Bar
'Procedural Environmental Rights: Principle X in Theory and Practice' provides an overview of various aspects of the current status, development and practice of rights of access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters following their codification as non-binding principles in Principle X of the Rio Declaration.
The book can be viewed and downloaded here.
ISBN 9781780686103 


Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Edited by Helle Tegner Anker and Birgitte Egelund Olson
2018  | ISBN 978-1-78068-759-9 | 257 p.
for more information please click here

Open Access|3rd EELF BOOK

The Effectiveness of Environmental Law

Edited by Sandrine Maljean-Dubois
June 2017  | ISBN 978-1-78068-467-3 | 348 pp.
The book can be viewed and downloaded here.

Open Access|2nd EELF BOOK

EU Environmental and Planning Law Aspects 
Large-Scale Projects

Edited by Bernard Vanheusden & Lorenzo Suintani
March 2016 | Intersentia | ISBN 978178068381
This book offers a selection of the contributions
presented at the 2nd EELF Conference in Brussels.
The book can be viewed and downloaded here.


Sustainable Energy United in Diversity: Challenges and Approaches in Energy Transition in the EU
Edited by L. Squintani and H.H.B. Vedder with M. Reese and B. Vanheusden.
Download the first volume of our open source, peer-reviewed publication series  here.
EELF 2015

Video | 2015 EELF Conference

The 2015 EELF Conference, hosted by Centre d'Edtudes et de Recherches Internationales et Communautaires (CERIC) in Aix-en-Provence, provided a fruitful platform for scholars, practitioners and decision makers to discuss the effectiveness of environmental law.
Watch the Conference video now...


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