2019-04-25 (Thursday)

Resistance is in the Air - Symposium

Brussels, 25-26 April 2019

All over the world, awareness of air pollution as a serious matter of concern
is growing. This is prominent, i.a., in the rise of citizen groups claiming their right to clean air. This symposium deals with various forms and facetts of resistance against air pollution. For further information and the call for abstracts please click here.

2019-05-30 (Thursday)

U.S. - E.U. Environmental Law Colloquium

30 May, Centre for American Studies, Rome

Organized by Giovanni Antonelli, Spienza University of Rome in Cooperation with the Centre for American Studies of Rome. The “U.S.–E.U.: Environmental Law Colloquium” aims to encourage participation and collaboration between American and European Scholars on a regular basis, to share the progress of our researches and to launch new initiatives and projects for the implementation of the environmental policies. The program please find here. A short description of the purpose and organizers can be found here.

2019-06-21 (Friday)

Rethinking Property Approaches in Resources for the Circular Economy

21 June 2019, Coventry, UK - CALL FOR PAPERS open until 22 March 2019

University of Surrey School of Law and Coventry Law School and Centre for Business in Society (Coventry University) invite submissions for papers or posters to The Society of Legal Scholars-funded one-day conference on Rethinking Property Approaches in Resources for the Circular Economy. We are seeking theoretical and empirical research contributions on property interests and ownership models within circular economy contexts.For further information please click here.

2019-06-25 (Tuesday)

CEDAT Courses on Environmental Justice 2019

The Tarragona Centre for Environmental Law Studies (CEDAT) is launching the second edition of the CEDAT Mediterranean Courses on Environmental Justice. Postgraduate and Ph.D. students, young researchers, practitioners, regulatory authorities, and public administration officials will have the opportunity to share knowledge and insights with renowned international experts in the field. For more informataion please click here.

2019-06-27 (Thursday)

4th Tarragona International Env. Law Colloquium (TIEC)

New Trends in Environmental Litigation

This fourth edition of the Tarragona Colloquium provides Ph.D. students, postgraduate students, and academics in general a forum in which to present and discuss their research and works-in-progress. For more info please click here.

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